Holiday Gift Ideas

October 07, 2019

So many of our photographs never leave the screen but are archived and forgotten. So I've started framing my own favorites for my walls and shelves and recommending it to my clients. There are so many options for displaying and preserving our photographs: enlargements for traditional framing, albums (not your grandma's album!), and wall art (canvas wraps, metal and wood prints, and more). Now that we're into October, it's time to think about which of our images would make great holiday gifts for family (grandparents!) and friends. I'm posting some photos to show some of the choices I'm offering. You can even check out this cool app for visualizing your photos on your wall.

These are canvas wraps:

Pretty cool, huh?

Here's what modern photo albums look like. They're books: paperback or hardcover (including linen, faux leather, acrylic, wood covers)!

And we can always frame our precious keepsakes in so many beautiful ways. I'm working with Stoll Framing on Solano to help my clients get heirloom framing, or you can order framed prints directly from your private gallery on my website.