Girl Scout Digital Photography Badge

January 04, 2021

When I was a Girl Scout there was no digital photography badge because there were no digital cameras. I'm sure we had a (film) photography badge, and I'm pretty sure I earned it. So when a local Girl Scout troop leader recently asked if I'd present to her girls, I said of course I'd meet with her girls over zoom to talk about photography. I showed them the camera I got for my 9th birthday:

and some of the photos I took when I was their age (4th grade) like this one: 

and then photos I take now as a professional photographer like this one:

I let them know that photographers take all sorts of photos, like travel:

and journalistic:

We also photograph weddings:

and models:

and portraits of actors and artists:

studio work: 

and families!

Then I taught them about light and sent them off with an assignment to photograph an object in different kinds of light. They shared their photos, they asked great questions, and one girl said she wants to be a professional photographer when she grows up. It was a lot of fun, and I'm so glad to encourage girls to follow their dreams!