Author, Author!

May 28, 2021

A friend gave me a beautiful book of photographs of authors by the wonderful photographer Beowolf Sheehan who works in NY. I've been making photos of authors here on the West Coast, and his book is an inspiration. 

Mira Amiras has written a gorgeous story that is both a soon-to-be-published book and soon-to-be-released film called The Day Before Creation. Here's one of the photos we made in the studio recently. 


Rachel Sarah's new book, Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists are Saving the Earth, is getting great reviews and could not be more timely.

The first three of Char Rygh's new series for children, Shrimp N' Lobster, is at the press now! You can preorder here


Meredith Essalat's recently released The Overly Honest Teacher is helping parents of school-aged children navigate the educational journey.

Katherine Whitney's anthology, My Shadow is My Skin, was released just as the pandemic hit. Her book is a wonderful collection of engaging, important voices. 

Meredith Stout's memoir, Out of My Shoes, is a gripping personal narrative as well as a historical look at sexism and racism in America. 

And, yes, our Vice President is also an author and I was lucky enough to photograph her at a rally in Oakland, California.